A Family Hospital Visit with Mommy


My beautiful friend Sam, my husband, and my new found Friend Brooke captured photos and footage from my surgery day so there will be more to come, but I wanted to share this one image of my little family spending time with me while I was bound to my hospital bed for a few days post surgery. Luckily they had me nicely medicated so my pain was controlled and Corryn could get close allowing mommy hide a her pain with smile.

For my my awesome sister Kate who lovingly mothered me a bit today and will love hearing she’s right: Yes I am the crazy patient who always wears makeup on surgery days and the crazy patient that wets her budding hair out of her water cup, after her 4:30am vital checks in the hospital, I am the crazy patient who keeps facial wipes, deodorant, perfume and make-up by my bedside so I can freshen up and even apply a little eye makeup at least, so I’m not looking too much of a wreck when my doctors round around 5:30-6 am. My awesome but motherly sister thinks sometimes I need to let people/especially my medical team see just how awful I feel to ensure I am treated for all of my symptoms and quit making myself look healthier then I am with make-up and a big smile. (She laughs when she mothers so it’s ok). In retrospect she is probably right. Who am I kidding? After not letting me shower with left over surgical iodine all over my body and being stuck in a hospital bed for 4 days my medical team, and my visitors would have given me a pass to look like the hell I was feeling, huh? But I’m a girl at heart and even at my sickest moments, I want to look my best. Silly I know.

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