My Husband’s Story

A lot of you have asked or wondered if my husband Jordan would ever be willing to share aspects of how my Breast cancer affected him and our family. He has always said that he would someday, but feared he wouldn’t be able to put his thoughts into words in the same way that I have. I think it was something he would have gotten to eventually, especially if something happened and I was not doing well, but we got bit of a nudge a few months back when Good Housekeeping contacted me. They were interested in interviewing Jordan and I for a story about young families facing breast cancer. We of course said yes as it has unintentionally become part of my mission to share the side of breast cancer that so many hide, but this was a great opportunity for Jordan to share a bit of his story as well. I will admit he was hesitant at first, and in his words he feared he may “screw it up”. I told him that It was his call, but I did have one stipulation….. If he agreed to the story, he had to be 100% open and honest with the journalist writing the story.

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Spectrum Health Outdoor Board. US 131 and Wealthy Street. Downtown Grand Rapids.

Breast cancer survivor encourages early screening at 5k fundraiser

At age 33, Tammy Myers’ life changed forever.

“I don’t have a family history,” Myers said. “In my head, I think society makes you think that if you don’t have a family history…you’re not really at risk.”

Within a week of her official diagnosis of breast cancer, she was heading into the first of 14 surgeries.

“Bilateral mastectomy, a couple of emergency surgeries, the preventative removal of my tubes and ovaries,” Myers recalled.

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Creative Mornings

Tammy Myers is an art director, photographer, breast cancer survivor, and founder of the Forgotten Fighters movement. On February 16, 2015, Tammy was diagnosed with breast cancer at just 33 years old, with no family history of the disease. With her advertising background and a passion for cause-based work, she turned her cancer diagnosis into a project that brings hope and inspiration to others. Just one week after her diagnosis, Tammy launched the blog, My Personal Pink Time, where she crosses barriers and opens herself up to be vulnerable for a greater good by sharing the side of cancer that most people do everything in their power to hide. Tammy’s followers include fellow cancer patients, caregivers, and even medical professionals who credit Tammy for putting into words their feelings they couldn’t express. Her medical team has thanked her for helping them to better understand what their patients are going through.


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“Forgotten Fighters” Judges’ Choice

Tammy Myers’ “Forgotten Fighters” won a professional Judges’ Choice award. More than 400 West Michigan creatives came together on Feb. 16 for the 2017 rendition of the annual ADDY awards, presented by the American Advertising Federation of West Michigan.


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Forgotten Fighters

“The truth is,” Tammy Myers said, “breast cancer isn’t limited to those who have a family history, high body weight, lower activity level—to those who consume more alcohol or even those who smoke. It can attack any woman, at any age.”

Myers was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 33—but breast cancer touched her life long before her diagnosis. When Myers was 15, her aunt, in her late 30s at the time, passed away from breast cancer, leaving two young children without their mother.


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The Greater Good

Tammy Myers is the 2016 speaker for West Michigan Woman Wine & Wig. She’s an advertising art director, photographer, designer and breast cancer survivor. Follow her Forgotten Fighters campaign and read her blog at

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Forgotten Fighter’s Campaign pushes to lower screening standards

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, but for millions of women, it’s their battle every day. One Grand Rapids woman has been through that battle and is on a mission to change the way we screen for the disease with the Forgotten Fighters Campaign.

Right now, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommends mammography for women ages 50 to 74 every two years. For women ages 40 to 49, including those with a family history of breast cancer, the Task Force encourages women to speak to their doctors to decide whether screening is appropriate for them.

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Spread the word on breast cancer awareness

October is breast cancer awareness month, and thanks to huge support and research funding, there have been great improvements in the screening, diagnosis, and treatment of breast cancer. But 85 percent of breast cancers happen in women who have no family history of breast cancer because of genetic mutations.

Dr. Jayne Paulson, breast surgeon with Spectrum Health Medical Group and Tammy Myers, breast cancer survivor came to talk about how to encourage everyone to spread the word about breast health.


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West MI breast cancer patient headed to Ellen Show, one year after diagnosis

February 16, 2015 was the scariest day of Tammy Myers’ life. February 16, 2016 will be one of the best. On the one year anniversary of her breast cancer diagnosis, the young mother will be sitting in the audience during a live taping of the Ellen DeGeneres Show in Burbank, California.

“It just seems kind of meant to be,” Myers told FOX 17 News. “I’m just happy that I’ll be sitting in her presence that day.”

For Myers, 2015 was filled with chemotherapy, radiation, and the first of several needed reconstructive surgeries. Oftentimes, watching Ellen provided a much needed laugh to get her mind off the treatment.

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Young mother blogging breast cancer journey

A young mother in Grand Rapids who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer is documenting her journey online in a very unique way.

It’s only been a few weeks since her diagnosis, and she’s already created a Facebook page to document her battle, hoping it will inspire others going through the same thing.

“He eventually had me sit in his chair and then he just came out with it and said, ‘I think this is pretty serious. I think you have two forms of breast cancer,'” said Tammy Myers.

Tammy Myers, 33, said that after feeling a lump on her breast last month, she decided to make a doctor’s appointment. After several tests, she was given the answer she feared most that she did in fact have cancer.

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