A day full of appointments

Today was full of appointments. I started off with a little post surgery Physical therapy. Ok a lot of post surgery Physical therapy. I love Amy, but my the cording in my arm, chest, and neck do not. We are making progress and even broke one of the cords today…. I’m not going to lie and tell you that wasn’t painful. But, Like many things, I’m realizing this is physical recovery is going to be a long process. From there I met with a very special past nurse and got to chat with a very special previous doc for a bit as well, and then left for my plastic surgery appointment.

My surgeon made my day by telling me that I’m one of her most inspiring patients. Little does she know, she’s pretty amazing herself. It’s a funny feeling to know that your doctors are following your posts, but I only have great things to say about everyone on my medical team so the more I think about it, I am glad that they stop in from time to time to hear that they are loved. It’s so important to feel good about your medical team. I feel pretty blessed to have each and everyone of them in my corner.

The good news my plastic surgeon is pretty impressed with where we are post-surgery so it looks like I go in for my next surgery (reconstruction round four and grafting round two in 8 weeks).

After I left that appointment I got a call about an acupuncture clinical trial that I have been accepted into that treats the painful side effects to the hormone therapy I will be on for the next 10-15 years. I guess the percentage of women that stay on the medication is very small, because it so badly affects your quality of life, so they are trying to find ways to keep us on the meds. It’s a blind national trial of women who have had breast cancer and are on these medications. My fingers are crossed that I’m getting the actual treatments rather then the fake ones. I will say that I felt something and it actually made me start to fall asleep, which would have made a LOT of my medical team happy. No dice though. There may be a sleep study in my very near future.

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