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As most of you know, a very big dream of mine is coming true in a few days as I head to Burbank, CA to attend a live taping of the Ellen show with my very dear heart friend, Vicki, well a pretty special friend and former teacher who has become family over the years set out to make my trip a little more special.

She secretly enlisted the help of her niece Nicole and her friend Hannah to put a video together to send to Ellen asking her to take a Selfie with Vicki and I. Knowing that she cares about me enough to step out of her comfort zone and do something like this, means the world to me and the video alone is a very special gift. However things got a little more special today. Ok things got flat out crazy today. I can’t share a the details of what happened today, however I can share this. Fox 17 West Michigan, got wind of this my friend Alice’s video and contacted me to see if I would do an interview with them. Just like the interview back in March they were at my house with a camera crew in less then 45 minutes.

It would be amazing to actually meet Ellen and have the chance to take a selfie with her, but no matter what, this experience has already been amazing and I feel really blessed and thankful that I will be spending the one year anniversary of my diagnosis with my dearest friend at our favorite show…. in sunny California. I was told by two people that I do not know that this is going to be a good year for me. At this point it already feels like they are right.
Thank you so much for wanting to share my story Janice Allen. Here’s the link to Fox 17’s segment. There is also a link to the video that Alice, Nicole and Hannah made in the article. I owe a huge thank you to both Alice and Nicole. No matter what happens you have given me such a special gift in putting this video together for me. I love you both! Nicole, please hug that special friend of yours for me.

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