Still no news…..

I cannot thank you all enough for all the caring, loving, and encouraging support and prayers you have sent my way in texts, messages, and posts. I am still going through them all but I do feel the love, so thank you so very much. I have been distracting myself with work while getting nice and hydrated at the LH infusion center and I am starting to feel a little better and more with it.

On a much needed funny note. The nurse who checked me in for my CT scan this morning slapped this bright yellow fall risk bracelet on me while putting my normal medical wrist band on and I didn’t even notice until an hour ago while sitting at infusion. Who gets a fall risk bracelet for a CT scan? Yep, I do. No wonder my scan nurse requested I be taken up stairs to the infusion center by wheelchair. I guess I have gotten all too used to seeing this pretty little wrist accessory. It is the hottest in trends 😀13051558_932191720235925_7028392533221483197_n

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