Officially home

So we are officially on our way home from the airport and I see this on Facebook. No offense to my favorite person, but I think Ellen may have been a little tired or even a bit hung over after the Grammys. Don’t get me wrong, Tuesday’s show was awesome. I mean really, I got to see Ellen and the sexiest dad alive up close. But as I sit here laughing my butt off I’m realizing that Ellen was far more serious then she typically is when I was there. So in a completely grateful and appreciative way, I must say that the stars aligned for me to get tickets to Ellen’s show on the one year anniversary of the first day I was told I had cancer, which still gives me the chills, but they might have aligned a tad bit incorrectly. I think I was supposed to be at this show that was taped on the 17th, the one year anniversary of my biopsy (which could be argued as the actual day I was diagnosed smile emoticon, not only to see Adele and make both of my goals for 2016 come true, but also to see Ellen doing something so funny that not even she couldn’t hold it together. My stomach hurts I’m laughing so hard. I love Ellen.


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