False Progress

I was really impressed with the fact that I was actually able to fall asleep during a medical appointment for oh 3.5 minutes during today’s… Correction yesterday’s acupuncture clinical trial appointment. That was until it occurred to me that those three minutes of sleep tricked my body into believing it had gotten a full nights sleep.

So here I lay; with bloodshot and burning eyes, very achy joints and muscles, and a mind that is going a mile a minute. After several failed attempts to “power down” my body and my mind, I am now watching HGTV reruns and dreaming up passion projects, all while wondering if I should just fully give in, get out of bed, and write. I’m mean really, if I’m going to be awake all night, I should at least have progress to show for it right?

Early menopause induced insomnia and joint pain is the worst. Here comes sleep medication round two. Fingers crossed

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