We Won!

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I am happy to announce that Josh Reed and the My Personal Pink Time video took home an Eclipse Award and the honor of being named “Best Documentary” last night at the Ellipse Awards Ceremony.

I caked on the healthy looking makeup and left equipped with both nausea and pain medication, but I was not going to miss an opportunity to celebrate Josh and this honor with my hubby, and Josh’s beautiful wife Erin.

I have to be honest, I had combed through every second and every detail of my video for months so it had kind of lost its emotional effect on me. However, in that moment, I for the first time unintentionally stepped outside myself long enough to actually see the impact that the collaboration of Sam’s emotional images, my words, and Josh’s amazing video skills were having having on others.

With all the medical craziness that has been my world for the past few weeks, I didn’t have time to actually think about what this nomination meant to me or even how it would affect me to hear Josh’s name and my video mentioned in that moment, so while sitting in a room full people, my guard was down and my game face was off. As the presenter announced each nominee and played clips from each documentary, I saw my face, I heard my words, and I felt the emotion. It was too late to put my game face on because tears were already streaming down my face, which I am told was captured on camera.

I cannot tell you how happy I was to see Josh recognized for all of his hard work, talent, and skills, and I cannot tell you how honored I am that my story was compelling enough to even earn a nomination, let alone win such an honorable award. Being told that I am technically in remission a few months back seemed very much like my reward for a very awful and hard, yet beautifully emotional first year with breast cancer, however seeing Josh, and my story recognized in such an honorable way was in some ways just as special, because it reminded me of why I decided to openly share this journey in the first place and most importantly it motivated me to keep doing what feels so right. I am feeling blessed, humbled, and very much inspired to keep documenting and sharing.

Congrats on the big win Josh, you deserve this honor and so much more for graciously taking on a project like this with me, and for dedicating some much of yourself in sharing my story.

The Eclipse award show aired live on channel 24 last night, however I am told that it will air in it’s entirety again and I am also told that short clips from each category will be available online in the coming days/weeks.


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