My very first Shaping a Pure Salon


After a very intense 2-hour physical therapy session at Lemmon Holten to start stretching and breaking up some cording and tightness in my left shoulder, torso, and arm that has worsened since my surgery, I headed over to Pure Salon for my first haircut… ok let’s not get ahead of ourselves it was more of a shaping but it still felt good to sit in a salon chair again.

_DSC1736-2 copy_1140
The beautiful and talented Adrianne again did the honors. It’s hard to believe it has been almost 9 months to the day that she shaved my head and helped me donate my hair to children with hair loss of West Michigan, after my first chemo treatment. I’m not quite sure if I’m confident enough to fully ditch the scarf that I have actually really grown to like, especially since it’s so cold out, but I will feel so much better when I’m walking around without it now that we’ve cut off those funny chemo ends and evened it all out.

Adrianne… you’re amazing. Thank you so much for pampering me in your chair today.

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