Embracing My “Pinkness”

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A few months back I was asked to be a part of a Making Strides Against Breast Cancer video that highlighted what the word “pink” meant to those of us who have been faced with Breast Cancer here in West Michigan. At the time the word pink did symbolize a great deal for me because I was going through the hardest of my treatments, however I don’t think I really understood how impactful the color itself was until this past weekend as I walked in my first ever Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk. The entire day was amazing. I was surrounded by my family, friends, and a community of supporters who have walked this path before. As we started the walk, a sea of pink lined the streets of Grand Rapids and I realized that seeing a pink ribbon no longer triggered the fear of my reality. In fact the color itself has almost taken on a whole new emotion and lifted me up. It surrounds me like a giant hug and forever changes the way I feel when I see the color pink. It now serves as a reminder that I am not alone in this fight, and most importantly it reminds me that I can win this fight.

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I am still coming down from the high of this amazing “pink” day. I cannot explain how loved it made me feel to have my family and friends (new and old) by my side as I walked this walk. I will admit that I am still a bit exhausted physically and a little sore, but having you some many by my side helped me to overcome my treatment fatigue and proudly walk through the city and across that finish line. In all honestly this event could not have come at a better time for me. Being almost 3 weeks post treatment the walk almost served as a personal celebration or culmination of how far I have come over the past 8 months. Although these have been the hardest days of my life, I have made it tough it thanks to all of you. I really cannot express the gratitude I have for all of those who have supported and loved me through this. Now that I have finished my treatments I have had a little bit of time to reflect back on this journey and really take in the amazing out pouring of love and support that has surrounded me and lifted me up as I braced for this life change.

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