Dr. Tammy Kreuzer

Dr. Tammy Kreuzer
This physician and more importantly this woman is nothing short of amazing. She performed my triple Biopsy a few short weeks ago to start this entire journey. Her gentle approach, her amazing bed-side manor and her ability to relate, put me at ease before we even got started. Let me start by saying that biopsy’s are not exactly pain free or fun in anyway, but she had me laughing and joking the entire time to take my mind off of what was actually happening. At the same time she was also very honest and open about what she was seeing which was so helpful to me. I’m assuming this experience for many is not a good one, however looking back, my hour with Dr. Kreuzer and my amazing nurse, who both seem way more like friends was a positive experience despite our malignant findings. If you have to get this type of news, these are the ladies you want to deliver it.

To get to the point, I came across this video of Dr. Kreuzer discussing one of the many ways they/she detects breast cancer in women of all ages. Although this discussion is not related to me and is not at all the type of procedure I had, I still feel it is a quick informational video that anyone with a lump, fear or family history may find helpful so I’m sharing it with all of you


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