Chemo Round One

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I started my day at Lemmon Holton at 7:15 with a somewhat tearful, very long, tight, and powerful embrace from my biopsy nurse Jan who I now refer to as my sister-like forever-friend. Through her connections I also got to meet with my very first nurse Susan and blessed to have had the opportunity to have a very special conversation with her as she was my diagnosis day one nurse and there with me when I was hit with the news. I also met one other breast care nurse I hadn’t met before who is follow my page and had great things to say before heading up to the 5th floor infusion center. This was exactly what I needed in more ways then I can count.

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I did ok, I was actually joking around with my nurses and visitors the entire day. We started with hydration/pre medication predication process so the chemo poison or “magic medicine” as my dear heart friend Vicki has taught me to call it, wouldn’t hit me as hard. My amazing husband Jordan who is not as optimistic as me, was by my side the entire day. I also know that I have all of you here with me in spirit so I wasn’t afraid… ok I lie, I was a little afraid but I did put my brave face on.

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Today as a whole went far better then expected. Passing the time was easy because I had one, well kind of two amazing fill-in nurses (Mindi and Jeanne) since my chemo nurse was out of town. However I was told she called to check in on me. I also received many unplanned visits to pass the time with hugs, laughter, and smiles.

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I saw my sweet friend Jan when she was able to sneak away from her very busy day on break, my biopsy radiologist turned friend Dr. Tammy Kruizer, I even had two members of the American cancer society that have been following my page stop in to meet me. It is truly amazing to see how much support I have surrounding me both virtually and now in person. I hope you all know how amazing you are to support me in this way! I feel very blessed.

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From a Chemo stand point, I will say that my first chemo went way better then I thought it would but we did have a few minor set-backs. The first few hours went awesome but I did have some side effects with my 3rd chemo dose/drip as I broke out in a flush-like rash and got dizzy and then a major migraine followed. Lemmen Holton is amazing as I have a team watching me like hawks. They were on the phone with my oncologist and nurse practitioner and talked several time throughout the day. Stopped the chemo, and then ordered/administered extra IV meds to help with all the side effects. It was a long day. I believe we were there from 7:15-5:30 but we were very well taken care of. The staff at Lemmon Holton is amazing! I did leave with a migraine and I am feeling physically drained so of course I was directed to go right to bed and get some medically induced rest. I just woke up which will make my nurse Mindi very happy.




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